At Least Her Grammar Is Perfect?

Funny Kids Drawings - At Least Her Grammar Is Perfect?

Submitted by: dunno source

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10 Responses to At Least Her Grammar Is Perfect?

  1. "Comfy Cushion" says:

    At least there is one child out there who will write a thank you note!

  2. The Devil says:

    LMMFAO ROFL That was the first thing I noticed!!! 30 year olds cannot understand the difference between your and you’re but this awesome kid can!!
    And they can also force themselves to write thank you letters.
    This kid should get a medal!

  3. Grace says:

    Umm.. What is do failish??

  4. aleksa says:

    Makes more sense than most Facebook posts.

  5. Lei says:

    I’m behind…what does “pretty ballin'” mean?

  6. ann says:

    that kid’s handwriting is better than mine!!!

  7. vALiSaWESOME(&UnoIT) says:

    Oh those kids these days with their silly slang! Groovy, man. 😉

  8. I once gave a girl a wallet just because I happened to remember her birthday was sometime in October. I didn’t give it to her in person though so… I haven’t heard about it since. A thank you note like this would have been nice :\.

  9. Jill says:

    This was obviously written by a teenage girl. Look at the handwriting and the way she uses the word “ballin'”

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