Torn Between “D’aww” And “D’oh”

Funny Kids Drawings - Torn Between "D'aww" And "D'oh"

Submitted by: dunno source

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73 Responses to Torn Between “D’aww” And “D’oh”

  1. Chromosome says:

    Um…The New Zealand All Blacks Rugby Team?

  2. huh? says:

    am I missing something?

  3. Michelle says:

    He is refering to the New Zealand All Blacks Rugby team…duh.

  4. jen says:

    Stupid. They don’t rock. They suck ass now.

  5. yosuppeeps says:


  6. yosuppeeps says:


  7. rossco says:

    Another case of America assuming that the rest of the world must confirm to it’s version of what is offensive.

  8. Pezzini says:

    Oh the beautiful demonstration of my fellow American’s ignorance and egocentrism.

  9. Spartacus says:

    hahhahahaha all blacks rock

    true that, the the all blacks do rock!!!

    • M says:

      Ignorant American here. Not a sports fan and don’t know the fist thing about rugby. But even I have heard of the All Blacks, and the haka. There are about 100 videos of them doing their haka on youtube. Check it out.

    • Marmoset says:

      … I fail to see how he was ignorant. Spartacus was merely stating that the All Blacks rock… I think he realises it’s a rugby team silly 🙂

  10. Mad_Hatteress says:

    What’s the issue? It’s the New Zealand rugby team, the All Blacks. Granted, I don’t think they rock,but everyone is entitled to their own sporting opinions.
    Am I missing something? Cos I don’t get it.

    • VZG says:

      Double meaning. All Blacks the team, but it could also be read (especially missing a “the” to clarify) as “all blacks,” as in “all black people.”

    • Rumedmo says:

      yeah but thats still not funny

  11. NZRachel says:

    Am I the only one that noticed that’s a football, not a rugby ball?
    If that’s not the point, then the OP sucks for not knowing the All Blacks.

    • MaxArt says:

      I don’t think that’s the point. By the way, the image is tagged as “football”, while it’s clearly rugby.

  12. Hannah says:

    Hehe, it’s a picture about the New Zealand Rugby Team, known as the ‘All Blacks’ because of the colour of the jersey they wear, not thier skin colour, just to clear that up. But it’s still funny if you look at it from the perspective of someone who didn’t know that. 🙂

    • LemurCat says:

      Actually, the genesis of the name comes from the newspaper write-up on their first match, where a typo slipped-in, saying the team was “all blacks”, as opposed to “all backs” meaning they had a weak pack and was getting owned in scrums.

  13. Major says:

    Eeeeeeyeah, that’s the NZ rugby team, lol.

  14. Confused says:

    ok that makes no sense at all … he has drawn a rugby ball, and rugby goal posts and he has got the NZ team name right as far as I can see. So what’s the DOH about?

    • ajone241 says:

      he obviously THINKS it’s racist cuz the stupid american doesn’t know who the all blacks are

  15. Exit Academy says:

    OH FINE…the admins KILLED my link to the All Blacks website and deleted my comment (which WAS second) stating that this kid was obviously a Kiwi (aka New Zealander) who was into the rugby team.
    And yes, Jen, the do suck now…but they USED to be the best team out there.

  16. Kat says:

    The All Blacks used to be good, at least they got the hakka.

  17. obsidian says:

    GO BOKKE!!! well they do suck but this a case of americanaignoranus

  18. Bee says:

    I know this has now been said many, many times but this is clearly refering to the All Blacks rugby team from New Zealand.

    Americans, are you even aware that there are other countries in the world besides your own?

    • Lexi says:

      Ugh, yes, we are aware. This is just an embarrassing example of someone refusing to do their research.

      I’ve known about the All Blacks for a while, now.
      By the way, my namesake, Lexi, is a New Zealander who was a foreign exchange student. She went to high school with my mother.

    • flip says:

      Wow, your mom knew a foreigner… Stupid American.

    • Kwazzi says:

      Wow flip: sparkling example of rapier wit = you win.

    • VZG says:

      That doesn’t mean it’s not funny anyway. In fact, the only unfunny thing here is how offended others are getting about it. It can still have a double meaning, just like any similarly-named American team might. I am not a big sports fan, so I can’t give an example, and perhaps there’s nothing quite as good, but if there was that wouldn’t change how funny it is. I didn’t know the All Blacks myself, but I could tell it was a sports team from the image. We’re not stupid, we’re just more open to finding things funny, I suppose.

    • bantab says:

      Maybe if a kid from Dallas did “I HATE REDSKINS,” or a kid from Pittsburgh did “I LOVE PIRATES,” or maybe a Cards fan writes “I HATE THE ROYALS” and it shows in the UK?

    • RemoteControlled says:

      You actually mean that there are other countries out there and they have sports? I was not aware of this. I bet that we have a few sports teams here that you do not know of and would get a kick out of some of the names…All Americans aren’t ignorant. We just don’t watch rugby.

  19. Netherdutch says:

    Alert the press! A person in one country didn’t know a fact about something in another country!

  20. Sucka says:

    See, this is funny in America because we’d think it was about African-Americans (even if they’re not really from Africa). How racist is this child and his parents????? The shock! The horror! The…..who gives a rats a$$!!!

  21. Sucka says:

    And further, I don’t care for rugby, so why should I care if that’s what they were referring to? I wouldn’t know what that team’s name is, and amazingly, I’ll still be able to get on with my life. Calm down “know-it-all-interwebs-snobs”. Not EVERYONE is going to go Google “All Blacks” to see if this was innocent or not. Christ, check your self-serving egos at the door wouldja?

  22. MissCarrion says:

    the reason that they are called the All Blacks is awesome. A news paper was trying to state that they played like ‘all backs’ (as in, all back line players) and the paper miss typed it as ‘all blacks’ and they changed the name to it cause their uniforms were black anyway. lols news paper fail

  23. rep says:

    some would argue that the name of the NZ soccer team is worse – the all whites – especially seeing as theyre competing at the world cup this year in south africa…

    • Hannah says:

      Thats true it does sound bad when you think about it that way but everyone links everything to racism these days. Black and white are our colours (maybe to symbolize Maori and Pakeha but idk and idc) They are called all whites because of their uniform. Just like the cricket team is black caps, we just want to have all the sport names linked in a way. So get over it.

    • Summer says:

      and our badminton team is called the blackcocks. :]

  24. Reo says:


    New Zealand National Rugby side= All Blacks.
    Soccer= All Whites.
    Women’s Netball= Silver Ferns.
    Wheelchair Rugby= Wheel Blacks.
    Women’s Rugby= Black Ferns.
    Hockey= Black Sticks.
    Softball= Black Socks.
    Mens basketball= Tall Blacks.
    Women’s basketball= Tall Ferns.

    Creative bunch, us Kiwis.

  25. What? says:

    Can you imagine trying to play rugby if the ball was actually that shape? ‘Here comes the pass, oh no, the ball has stabbed the player in the chest!’

  26. rob says:


    Go the All Blacks!

    They f*cking rock!

  27. Mike says:

    I heard this somewhere, but i’m not 100% sure…
    NZ Badminton Team = Black Cocks

  28. couldbe says:

    i love that america can get away with having a baseball team called the ‘indians’ and yet assume that the nz ‘all blacks’ is racist.

  29. NZgurly says:

    I guess that the D’oh is for the fact that its a football, not a rugby ball. Though I must admit, I always drew a football for a rugby ball in school.. don’t know why though.

  30. Kiki says:

    Ohhhhh, rugby. How you never cease to amaze me amazes me EVEN more.

  31. Who DOESN’T know who the All Blacks are FFS!!! STUPID PEOPLE!

  32. ajone241 says:

    i fail to see the hilarity in this. Could someone help me? I mean how is a plate showing the All Blacks Rugby Team (awesome team) funny? If you thought it was racist then the only racist one here is you.

  33. Phoebe says:

    That’s not funny, it’s just the All Blacks rugby team… They’re legends. 😀

  34. Jamie Hall says:

    Americans should learn to check their facts before going “PC Nazi” or “Corporate Nazi” on the rest of the world. New Zealand’s national rugby team has been known as the All Blacks for as far back as anyone can remember, and I’m Australian. Last time I saw American pick on New Zealand, it was over Ugg boots. When they suddenly became fashionable, Deckers Corp thought they could trademark the name, and started sending nasty emails to everyone who makes ugg boots and calls them that. It’s been a generic name for close to a century, and Deckers lost in court because of a class action of thousands of individual “Mum and Dad” companies

  35. Spike Page says:

    I guess the OP thought the kid that made this was saying that all black people who play American football rock? *shakes head* Would this qualify as a third-party fail?

  36. Anoynomous says:

    …Subliminal Pokeball?

  37. uber says:

    i want to do a haka now

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