That Deserves At Least Half-Credit

Funny Kids Drawings - That Deserves At Least Half-Credit

Submitted by: dunno source

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20 Responses to That Deserves At Least Half-Credit

  1. TikTok says:

    -applauds this kid-

  2. yosuppeeps says:

    bon travail

  3. LOL says:

    hey! i know the answer!!!

    • emilyrln says:

      Really? I forget how to find solutions involving complex numbers… XD
      The quadratic formula ends up with (6±sqrt(-24))/6. Yeech!

  4. CandleJack says:

    That’s an algebra problem, probably Algebra 2, so nobody would take this before high school. I don’t think a 15 year old qualifies for a “kid’s drawing”.

    …and I’ve just realize that I’ve forgotten everything I ever learned in that class.

  5. so damn nice. (‘:

  6. Kelly says:

    Well Tetris IS more fun than math.

  7. pjperry says:

    I just played Tetris, and hit my all time best score! :mrgreen:

  8. Ford says:

    And Puyo is better than Tetris.

    • sashaisme says:

      The closest thing I’ve played is Dr. Robotnik’s Mean bean Machine, but I hear that they are similar?

      Also, Apparantly Ristar bustar is too… I heaven’t even played it. (I HAVE, however, played Ristar.)

      I never understood Tetris…

  9. bacon420 says:

    whoever did that is oficially AWESOME

  10. Lizzy says:

    Tetris = geometry = math, right?

  11. G. James says:

    This kid needs more crayons: he made the reverse-S piece and line piece the same color.

  12. David says:

    But the drawing is inaccurate! There should never be two pieces going down at the same time 😛

  13. flameface says:

    he’s playing tetris wrong though, the next piece doesn’t pop up until the most recent piece is firm on the ground.

  14. Perdita Durango says:

    a) Convert to a-h-k-form:

    y = 3x²+6x+5
    y/3 = x²+2x+5/3
    y/3 = x²+2x+1-1+5/3
    y/3 = (x+1)²-1+5/3
    y/3 = (x+2)²+2/3
    y = 3(x+2)²+2

    => Vertex is at (-2/-7), the coefficient of x² ist positive, so the vertex is the low point of the parabola.

    b) The vertex is either the low or the high point of the parabula.

    c) 3*0²+2*0+5 = 5

    The y-intercept is at y = 5.

    There are no x-intercepts, because of what we found out in a). We can see that if trying to solve:

    0 = 3x²+6x+5
    0 = x²+2x+5/3

    x1 = -1 + sqrt(1-5/3) & x2 = -1 + sqrt (1-5/3)

    Negative numbers have no solution for their squareroot in the x/y-plane.

  15. Cameron says:

    A+ For this kid he almost won

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