Way To Rub It In Susie

Funny Kids Drawings - Way To Rub It In Susie

Submitted by: dunno source

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12 Responses to Way To Rub It In Susie

  1. Xero says:

    Feline AIDS!!!!!

  2. Amanda says:

    Uhm…does that say aids? lol why would a child know what aids is?

    • GROAAAAAAR says:

      They probably don’t. The child probably overheard an adult/the TV saying approximately “there is a lot of AIDS in Africa” and tried drawing it without knowing what it was.

      When I was a kid, when I drew a country I usually would draw something typical of it. Eifel tower, chocolate, vikings… Now I still do it, but I’m much more provocative. For instance I would now put the nazis in another country than germany.

  3. Lizard King says:

    This is just so wrong…

  4. tailman says:

    idiots!this is obviously means aid for africa, url: http://www.aidforafrica.org/

    • iamrad says:

      Right, because that totally says “aid”. Even if it did mean that, it isn’t humorous. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe humor is the point of this website. Bravo on slipping in a link to a humanitarian site(I really don’t mean to take away from the importance of this cause, Aid for Africa is a great partnership of charities). Too bad you come across as a pompous ass with no sense of humor.

  5. faeriemama says:

    It’s like that episode of South Park, where that guy who lost all that weight eating Subway wanted to make sure everyone got Aides…

  6. Royle_rose says:

    I’m from South Africa and here Aids is a real problem. Some of my family’s friend have Aids and it’s NOT fun to see them die. Oh and by the way, faeriemama thats just sick!

    • Dodom says:

      Don’t you know South Park? The reference is to a show that is purposedly offensive in every possible way. It’s absurd humour and vulgarity and it strives to insult absolutely everyone. And their laughing at tragedies is far from the most harmful, given that to some people it is a way to cope with what is otherwise distressing.

    • adalbert.quisling says:

      It’s fun to watch from over here though

  7. nazani14 says:

    Sorry, but kids who grow up in homes where daddy is always quoting Glenn Beck or Pat Robertson really do believe some bizarre things.

  8. Maz says:

    What I would assume is that there was some sort of program at school where you’d get assigned a pen-pal. The children were probably told that the children they were writing to were sick/had AIDS. I remember programs like this when I was at school. The kid was probably just trying to draw a picture that was ‘personal’, showing they knew something about their pen-pal.

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