Oh Fourth Grade, You Old Scamp You

Funny Kids Drawings - Oh Fourth Grade, You Old Scamp You

Submitted by: dunno source

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11 Responses to Oh Fourth Grade, You Old Scamp You

  1. TriggerHappyGirl says:

    This reminds me of South Park…lmao

  2. tailman says:

    so wait, this was written by someone in at least fifth grade? for shame.

  3. skooo says:

    i thought this was the power glove… so bad

  4. GROAAAAAAR says:

    I get it… This school was in Iraq. The author is George W Bush. Explains a lot.

  5. Ford says:

    This doesn’t explain his extreme hatred for Fourth Grade, but I think we’re definitely on the right track to find the answer.

  6. ieldanth says:

    Someone lost their right hand in the attack and is now trying to learn how to write with their left?

  7. Fimmtip says:

    Why do people think messy writing will make it look like a kids handwriting?

  8. Carla says:

    Uh… yeah I totally remember when our school was attacked by pineapples 😛

  9. ShinyHappyPurple says:

    Makes me think of the Calvin and Hobbes strips where Calvin dreams of bombing his school

  10. Kitty says:


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