Someone Used “Bring Your Daughter To Work” Day

Funny Kids Drawings - Bring Your Daughter To Work Day

Submitted by: dunno source

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28 Responses to Someone Used “Bring Your Daughter To Work” Day

  1. Marge says:

    To be fair, this image is reported to depict a mom who works at home depot bearing the last snow shovel of the year, and not, in fact, a pole dancer. Saying.

    Still funny tho >.<

  2. dutchie says:

    so fake, sorry guys!
    and marge! hell yeah its still funny. as was ur comment!

  3. yosuppeeps says:

    Encore drĂ´le

  4. kitn says:

    this has been publicly stated as fake… lame-o!

    • Little Sarah R says:

      Sorry, I meant, Marge’s comment is right, the authenticity is questionable though.

    • Fluffy says:

      if you follow the link and read to the bottom, it says they think it’s fake too and ask what others think.

  5. Amanda says:

    Yeah, this was not drawn by a kid…

    • xD says:

      thats wat i thought…how did she make the STICK FIGURE look hot?!?!!

    • Fanboy Wife says:

      Children don’t draw stick figures until they see an adult do it – but this really looks like an adult trying to draw like a child. The joke is funny still.

    • ace says:

      wtf ur an idiot i still draw stick pple…ive done it since i was in grade….JR KINDERGARTEN!!!!!!!! I LEARNED IT BY MYSELF!!!!!!

  6. connor_beyond says:

    lol i’ve seen this a couple of times and it’s still awesome

  7. David says:

    I read this one, that what this picture is, is her mother holding a shovel, it was the last shovel at christmas in a shop, and everyone was offering money, the daughter drew the shovel too big, and handed it in for homework.

  8. DogVomit says:

    Fake! Yawn…

    • Laurenhs says:

      not fake actually. read the comments. it was a little girl drawing her mother, who said that at christmas, she only had 1 shovel left to sell because she works at home depot. ppl were fighting over it. the girl drew the shovel too big and made it look like that.

  9. Laurenhs says:

    ive seen this b4. STILL AWESOME THO!

  10. VickyLee says:

    XD We actually have this posted on our fridge at work, lol. Kids are so awesome.

  11. micachu says:

    Actually I had read that her mom was a teller at a bank. She’s standing behin a desk, and people are giving her the money.

  12. ???? says:

    shes selling a shovel…..but every time i see this i luagh

  13. Killian says:

    She want to be just like mommy!!!! And I wanna be the guy who gets lucky!!!!

  14. Fluffy says:

    Fake. I saw this ages ago and it was reported as fake. Look at how neat and tidy everything is and how nicely formed the letters are. I’m a mom, a nanny, and worked for years with kids to help with reading and writing skills. Not a kid who did this.

  15. Yara Nemeh says:

    And were still proud of our stripper mommies!!! PERFECT role models

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