In This Game, Everyone Wins

Funny Kids Drawings - Everyone Wins

Submitted by: dunno source

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27 Responses to In This Game, Everyone Wins

  1. amyowhorker says:

    this is from a college humor article (with a few other panels before it) and wasn’t drawn by a kid

  2. DanTheMan says:

    The woman is called Bich? That’s dangerously close to the word “bitch”, isn’t, it?

  3. dcagg says:

    that’s just sad

  4. Evilgirltroll~♥ says:

    Oh dear o_o

  5. yuloo da magic mushroom says:


  6. Nedsticles says:

    This is from college humour, who ever put this here is fucking stupid

    • Schilcote says:

      I agree, whoever put that comment there must be pretty dumb.

      Grow a sense of humor. I mean, if you don’t have one, why the hell are you on a Cheezeburger Network site?

  7. Pfft. says:

    I suspect greatly that a kid did not draw this.

  8. Little2Miss8PigPoo says:

    OMG I thought this was supposed to be a website about CUTE STUFF THAT CHILDREN MADE, not MISUNDERSTANDINGS OF…… well that kind of stuff.

  9. bettielee says:

    stupid… and obviously not done by a kid

  10. jimmeh says:

    it may be fake but it’s still funny as hell

  11. derrick says:


  12. Duey says:

    That is my daughter you are calling dumb, I will Bich slap you.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Kid, they aren’t wrestling in there… 😉

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