Take That, Ninjas!

Funny Kids Drawings - Take That, Ninjas!

Submitted by: dunno source

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47 Responses to Take That, Ninjas!

  1. DjDoDo says:

    America, warping the minds of kids since before they realised he was actually Jewish, then ignorantly carried on after!

  2. DjDoDo says:

    he = Jesus

    • duh says:

      Good thing you clarified or someone might have thought you meant Jewish pirates.

      BTW, who doesn’t know Jesus was Jewish? Another pointless “clarification”, I guess.

    • DjDoDo says:

      Some people don’t, weird I know, but true.

    • Carrots_and_Crayons says:

      Yep, some people truly don’t know. Like the dumb@$$es at my school who thought that Jesus was Catholic, that Atheists worshiped the devil, and that not being of their religion was reason enough to send someone to prison.

    • Non-moose says:

      … where the f**k do you go to school? O.O

  3. Esel says:

    Pretty sure this is from here: http://objectiveministries.org/kidz/art.html

    Which is hilarious but probably fake.

    • DjDoDo says:

      Probably, but if it is real it kinda proves the point I am trying to make 😀

    • TJ says:

      No, not really. You’re point really has nothing to do with this drawing.

    • Furnatic says:

      That website alone is funny XD Even if I don’t think they wanted to be

    • Alejandro Martinez says:

      Lol those drawings are hilarious, and anti-semitists, but still Hilarious, because jesus is shooting bombs with his fingers to a jew guy.

    • Alejandro Martinez says:

      And the Shotacat one is funny too, because it says: “Brittany (13) drew me here with Shotacat. I dont know who Shotacat is, but I like his hairstyle”.

  4. Ashley says:

    DjDoDo, He (Jesus) loves you, too, you know. I always knew he was Jewish, being 1/4 Jew myself. I just realized He was the Messiah my ancestors had waited for. Ask any “Jew for Jesus” and they’ll tell you the same. 🙂

    I usta draw pictures like this in school. They once asked me to draw a picture of my favorite heroes. I drew 2… Jesus and my grandmother (who raised me.)

    It looked weird. Grandma had chicken feet and Jesus looked like a stick figure with a party hat for a beard.

    Kid’s got talent, though. That pirate’s not bad for a 10 year old. 🙂

    • DjDoDo says:

      I just find it weird that some people (not all) actually ridicule jews even though they are Christians.

    • Ashley says:

      Yeah, it’s really pathetic. Be forewarned. Not everyone who says they’re “Christian” really know what it means. It’s just a title they slap on themselves.

      Christ came for all people, Jew and Gentile alike. To make fun of them isn’t very Christlike at all, and certainly not something God endorses.

    • CatastrophicSuccess says:


  5. Nedsticles says:

    it’s pretty obviously fake

  6. QuoteMan says:

    This one is fake for sure. Unless the kid who drew this is a pretty good artist for his age (10? Really?). Just looking at Jesus’ face and the Pirate’s face is sorta’ a give-away…

    • i like pie says:

      NO!!! when i was ten i drew A LOT better than this!!! shame on you for not believing in a 10 year old’s talent 😡

  7. Waarde says:

    What’s a page out of the bible doing here?

  8. Erin says:

    That may be the funniest damn thing i’ve ever read!

  9. Hmmm says:

    Sorry but that is a fake. I teach ten year olds and there is no way even my most talented artists could draw like that.

    • Sarah says:

      Yeah, I have a feeling the majority of the drawings on this website are fake. No kid has that much dexterity, not to mention the penmanship usually resembles that of an adult.

    • RemoteControlled says:

      Maybe you just teach dumb kids? I took oil painting classes by the time I was 10….there are some talented kids out there. Public education have “dumbed them down” and took away all remnants of creativity. The picture is funny though, whether it is from a 10 year old or not.

    • snuzzled says:

      Anyone here ever think that maybe, oh, it was DRAWN in 2010, not that the kid who drew it was 10? It could be a drawing by a teen or preteen.

    • SmartiMarti87 says:

      And teachers like you are the reason that children (i.e. the ones you teach) are showing no talent… You’re supposed to support not oppress… My brother was drawing better than that at a younger age… But then again he had the support of not only our parents but also his teachers so that might be why…

    • BaG_2.0 says:

      You sir, are awesome.

  10. DogVomit says:

    Fake! I don’t care what anyone says, kids don’t write things like “avast”.

    • Piratical personage says:

      Arrgh, I’ll be callin’ you out on that lad! By the day I had weathered ten years I’d been known all the pirate lingo on the briny deep! Now swab the deck you scurvy dog before I keel haul ye!

  11. Temok says:

    And, even so, it’s a well known fact that no self-respecting pirate would repent from their Pastafarian ways.

  12. GROAAAAAAR says:

    And this is why religion should be considered child abuse.

    *Me takes the door to hell and eats it on the way*

  13. Ultraspankme says:

    Oh come on…. why do people have to turn this into some kind of religious debate? If you cant look at this and simply think it is funny or not, then go on with your life and forget it. Im a christian and friends with not only a jew, but also a wiccan, an athiest, a buddhist, an agnostic and the many variations of christian denominations. I have been around and heard so many different jokes about so many different things, that i lowered my defenses and realized that whatever god you believe in, you believe that he or she has a sense of humor and the open hearted, layed back and understanding person would see this and only see the comedy in it. Not everyone believes the same thing. If you are so wound up that you cant deal with a little poke-fun humor, then dont watch, look, read or listen to the billions of postings and opinions on the INTERNET. Its called the world wide web for a reason. By all means have pride in your beliefs, but remember they are YOUR beliefs and its a big world out there. So just relax…. It’ll be ok.

  14. Nnu says:

    Pirates are the loyal followers of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. The pirate obviously has a secret plan for Jesus.

  15. Cloister Belle says:

    This might not be fake. At my little cousin’s catholic school, they had to draw themselves having fun with Jesus. One girl drew Jesus giving her lots of Hannah Montana stuff.

  16. UnrelentlessLove says:

    I was drawing stuff like this (well not subject-wise, but quality) when I was ten. It was mostly dinosaurs and dragons, but it was definitely as good as this. Don’t assume that it’s fake, some kids have natural born talent.

    Look at Akiane, for example. http://www.artakiane.com/home.html

    • Ashley says:

      I love her work. I saw her on Oprah years ago. (Not that I watch Oprah, but I was at the doctor with my grandma and it was on.)

      Her portrait of Jesus is exquisite!

  17. djkaiba says:

    And to make up for his ways he became the world’s first nurse. In his honor, nurses wore hats like he originally wore for several generations.

  18. Fimmtip says:

    I know people keep saying despite it probably not being made by a 10 year old, enjoy the humor. But this page is made for kids creations, so this should be on win or something cause it’s still pretty funny. Anyway, what kid knows grammar this well? I mean, no 10 year old uses apostorories when needed, if at all 😛

  19. SmartiMarti87 says:

    Lmao… The pirate had me with “Jesus” and “the most precious booty of all” in the same sentence… Yep… This is priceless…

  20. David1964 says:

    My 4 year old son says avast from watching the Backyardigans pirate episode, is learning to spell words he likes including 5 and 6 letter words, and has a friend name Caylen that is 5 and can almost draw this well. I think people do not give kids enough credit. We chalenge our son to do whatever he is interested in, for him it is books and words, for his friend Caylen it is drawing and painting. He could not do anything close to what she dose and she could not read and spell like him. Each child is different, when will people stop trying to put everyone in the same box?

  21. nazani14 says:

    However, Jesus does not love you enough to make your leg grow back.

    • fgfgfggfgfrrpeenoossuh says:

      will having one leg seperate him from the love of Jesus Christ?
      I think not.

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