How Volcanoes Are Made

Funny Kids Drawings - How Volcanoes Are Made

Submitted by: dunno source

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16 Responses to How Volcanoes Are Made

  1. Sarah says:

    Well. This might be my least favorite website on the Cheezburger network…*yawwwwn*

  2. Alessandro Patucci says:

    How the hell is a kid able to spell decappitation?

    • ann says:

      how can a kid spell it? not very well, it seems: ‘decapitation’ only has ONE ‘p’.

      which means this is either from a pretty advanced kid or a retarded college student.

    • Lol says:

      Anyway, it doesn’t look like a kid’s handwriting

    • mbishop says:

      He just has very good handwriting.

  3. DogVomit says:

    Fake! And MINUS points for pretending to be a kid by misspelling “decapitation”

  4. dasboos says:

    I’ve only skimmed the first page of this site, but so far they all seem fake to me. 😦

    • SmartiMarti87 says:

      Do you have kids? Cuz I have been a nanny, day care worker, babysitter and I’m a mother… Believe me… This kinda stuff happens more than you think… :/

  5. iGargles says:

    it’s a kid’s take on mountain-top removal. see the coal inside the “volcano” ?

  6. Elistariel says:

    How can a kid spell? It’s called an education. Try it sometime.

  7. Chlak Droy says:

    Actually that kid (if it isnt fake) wins. LAVA would be the blood

  8. Lauren says:

    This isn’t a kid. And this is actually a very clever take on mountain top removal.

  9. I have lots of my doodles & homework from back when I was a very young kid. I should upload some of them here, especially the ones my teacher apparently didn’t like :D.

  10. bethie says:

    The handwriting is nice, but I would guess that this was done by a girl somewhere between 3-7th grade. But it definitely looks like some random school assignment.

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