Crazy Trains And Nietzsche: All You Need

Funny Kids Drawings - Crazy Trains And Nietzsche: All You Need

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33 Responses to Crazy Trains And Nietzsche: All You Need

  1. duck says:

    the stupidity of this is only slightly less than how fake it is

    • Schilcote says:

      Again with the people with no sense of humor. Even if it isn’t funny.

      Also, what’s with calling things “fake”? Is that the universal insult now?

      Lemme try:

    • Kristine says:

      Well, when something is fake you generally tend to call it fake… no kid would/could put this together which appears to be the point of this site (though I’m not too clear on that given that half of them seem to be adults pretending to be kids).

      Get rid of this and give us back Once Upon a Win…

    • Eris says:

      I agree. I don’t find this site enjoyable. Posting real kids’ artwork and making fun of it just seems mean-spirited (although arguably funny), and adults creating fake kid artwork is just too easy. Anyone could write an arbitrary collection of sentences in crayon or scrawl an out-of-proportion drawing. I just don’t see the cleverness.

  2. jamisings says:

    What little kid is going to even know who that moron Nietzsche was?

    • TinDefacto says:

      An awesome one.

    • Tina says:

      My 2 year old knows who Nietzsche is. He was not a moron. He said that God is Dead, and he’s right. So get over it.

    • Fawfulster says:

      And lo and behold! Thy newborn shall be the new Aristotle! May Athena bless him and your whole family!

    • Dr. Prof says:

      Why a moron?
      I didn’t find anything moronic about him

    • Long before dawn says:

      Has to be fake. No one can spell Nietzsche correctly without looking.

    • The Breeze says:

      Who say’s the kid didn’t look? I knew how to use a dictionary, encyclopedia and thesaurus when I was 3. And a lot of little kids love history and learning.

    • @ says:

      Know who is a moron? Any adult who goes into a big room every Sunday to talk to their imaginary friend, God. You know why, because God was created by people in power to placate the ignorant masses and keep them under control.

    • cha says:

      cool story.

    • JLW says:

      You are absolutely correct! Don’t forget to include Saturdays, Wednesdays and any other day of the week people feel the urge to waste their time and money.

    • louislouis says:

      Nietzsche was a moron ? Yeah right , at least he is one of the most studied modern philosophers , he did write many interesting books that were ahead of his time .
      What about you ? I can foresee the only mark you’ll leave in this world is your sh**ty DNA you’ll call son/daughter and in 2 generations your name , life , deeds and everything will be forgotten by your descendants and will be only remembered in a slate stone in a cemetery .

    • Rattus says:

      Nietzsche wasn’t a moron. He was an asshole, though.

  3. Clementine says:

    I agree with every statement in this poem.

  4. Kasey says:

    I like that his name is Christopher Walken!!

  5. Mochaccino says:

    It is fake, but that doesn’t mean it’s not interesting, so I’m a little torn. A lot, maybe most, of the crayon drawings on this site are from a collection of art projects by college students called “letters to christopher walken.” There supposed to be a little like children’s letters to santa, except that they’re written to Walken, of course. Until now this site has only posted the few that don’t mention him by name. I’m surprised nobody else seems to have noticed it yet, especially since these (very funny) fake children’s letters have been circling around the internet for a while.

  6. fourcrows says:

    Wait, did that kid write a Christmas poem to Christopher Walken?

    • Lilly says:

      Apparently, he writes him every christmas. I wonder what Santa Walken gifts would be, specially to bad kids.

  7. Fraddle says:

    ADHD: Now in conventient Christmas packaging.

  8. logosock says:

    So what if any of these pictures are fake, if they’re funny

  9. Nickasummers says:

    I like this kid’s taste in TV shows.

  10. Nathan says:

    It’s fake; it’s set up by one of my favorite artists, Brandon Bird. He teaches a class and one of their projects is letters to Christopher Walken. His art is some of the funniest stuff out there. Google him because I’m too lazy to do it for you.

  11. cjvs1604 says:

    this guy is un-fucking-believeable

  12. G. James says:

    Nice card, but needs more cowbell.

  13. fredg999 says:

    Sea-bass tastes good!
    Wait, is that really a Christmas poem?

  14. Bella says:

    I’d just like to say, as a preschool/kindergarten teacher/assistant , weather this is fake or DO come up with things like this, it’s amazing what they hear parents say and then repeat. I’m sure they don’t know what they are saying half the time…but even as a kid myself I used words in sentences that floored my Mom. so… I’d just leave the site if you don’t see the point. Also, it’s not so much making fun as it is being amused by “the innocence of youth” . That’s my opinion any way 🙂

  15. Frink says:


    Republicans’ kids.

  16. Kris says:

    The kid can spell Nietzsche, but not locomotive?

  17. Tabitha says:

    What Kolb does not say is that he is 31 and lives with a super christian mom and their pet donkey Steve.

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