My Son’s Kindergarten Assignment: A+

Funny Kids Drawings - My Sons Kindergarten Assignment: A+

Submitted by: Jeff Chamberlain via Submission Page

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42 Responses to My Son’s Kindergarten Assignment: A+

  1. Catti says:


    and lol.

  2. Willow says:


  3. snuzzled says:

    “Huck”? He clearly was just throwing random consonants at the beginning of the words and got unfortunately lucky with the last one 😦

  4. arsenicsauce says:

    I’m glad Jacob knew what to do. I would be writing stuff like “feather, duckling, beak…”

  5. ChesterWoof says:

    Little c@cks#cker’s got quite the bright future in front of him! Hustler is looking for writers..LOL!

  6. kswheels says:

    I see dick and suck as well. Not so random.

  7. kswheels says:

    Wait the second one is sick. Ooops.

    • Hope says:

      No… it says:

      1. buck
      2. puck (maybe? looks like buck again)
      3. suck
      4. truck
      5. fuck

      “Sick” would be a wrong answer. And where do you see “dick”??

    • Anonymous says:

      First 2 are “duck, duck”. because the line of the ‘D’ did not go all the way up it just looks like a ‘B’

  8. John says:

    LOL. 1.buck 2.buck

    • ginseng says:

      I think one of those is supposed to be “puck”. I can’t tell which, though.

  9. Bill says:

    …seriously, this assignment makes no sense at all.

    • Hope says:

      Um, yes it does. It’s teaching that if you know how to read and spell one word, then you can figure out other words that rhyme with it.

  10. Dwertzu says:

    I don’t understand this kind of aissgnment. What were they supposed to do and what would be correct anwsers?

    • Schilcote says:



      He probably just heard Daddy say that word a lot and didn’t know what it meant.

    • goodie2shoes says:


    • VZG says:

      They were supposed to figure out what similar-sounding words they could spell if they knew how to spell “duck.”

      …technically his answers aren’t wrong (if that fourth one is truck, at least).

  11. Love_Faith says:

    Ahh, gotta love the sponge like absorbancy of a young child’s mind eh? 🙂

  12. fail_of_doom says:


  13. bvafds says:

    really, they were asking for it. words that end in -uck? really? nobody saw that coming? come on, schools.

    • J says:

      I agree, the assignment was a recipe for disaster.

      25 letters (minus the D already used), 5 spaces. Pretty much a 1/5 chance that some kid would write that if they started guessing.

    • DogVomit says:

      I didn’t know what “fuck” meant when I was 5!

  14. Kaeli says:

    Never do the name song with a child named either Marty or Chuck.

  15. mbishop says:

    At least he knows buck twice.

  16. Madison says:

    boomer sooner! gotta love oklahoma. at least, i think that’s OU in his name.

  17. Eric says:

    Sucking and f**king in a truck?

  18. BigMac says:

    I give the kid a 100 with the OU.

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