And You Are Fat

Funny Kids Drawings - And You Are Fat

Submitted by: booperchikadia via Submission Page

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9 Responses to And You Are Fat

  1. Panda says:

    I’m not fat, I’m puffy!

  2. Long before dawn says:

    Passive aggressiveness – it starts early

  3. ID says:

    If they were an adult, they’d be sending dieting tips with that card. But children just don’t understand the meaning of subtlety…

  4. Love_Faith says:

    Honesty: Only from a child.

  5. Krystal says:

    I love how the “and you are fat” is written with a different colour! Kids really know how to highlight their points.
    Judging by the picture, she’s also balding…

  6. emily says:

    that’s seriously adorable

  7. Tibby says:

    Hmm – kids and grandparents, so honest!! (My grandma used to say “getting a little fat there, aren’t you??”)

  8. Alias says:

    Seriously–I lol’ed.

    Like that vid from AFV a while ago with the little girl and her mom: “Mom, you’re pretty.” “Thank you!” “Even though you’re fat…”

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