I’m Not Touching It, It’s Touching Me!

Funny Kids Drawings - I'm Not Touching It, It's Touching Me!

Submitted by: dunno source

What? You didn’t say “Simon says” first. I’m still in.

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6 Responses to I’m Not Touching It, It’s Touching Me!

  1. TCinNC says:

    Still pondering what this might mean…

    My Mom had an irrational(?) fear of us being on the phone during a thunderstorm when we were kids. Even today when she has cordless phones she’ll say “Can’t talk now!” Maybe this kid actually took that seriously..? He could have at least drawn some lightning about to strike the other kid though. Hmmm.

    • Someguy says:

      I’ll bet its creditors calling and the kids have figured out that if they beat the parents to the phone they can negotiate a new webkinz. I picture the kid saying into the phone, “mom says she’s not here.”

  2. kairi says:

    “No touching!”

  3. np says:

    The handset has a cord AND an antenna.

  4. mags says:

    I think it’s more like, “Don’t you dare touch that phone, missy!” I used to write like this as a kid all the time. Maybe she’s not allowed to answer the phone.

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