I Like Being with my Dad Most When I Bite Him

Funny Kids Drawings - I Like Being with my Dad Most When I Bite Him

Submitted by: tehshreddedwheat via Submission Page

It’s not the biting I have a problem with, it’s the name Barry. Never met a Barry that I liked. Maybe it’s just me…

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17 Responses to I Like Being with my Dad Most When I Bite Him

  1. Dave says:

    I’d bite my dad too if he named me “Karolynn”

  2. MissTree says:

    i could NOT agree more. my first stepfather was named “barry”.
    a total jerk. who is named Barry ? what is it short for? Barrold ?
    Barney ? Barton? Barthlomew?

    sorry , folks. obviously i have “barry” issues i need to work thru….:/

  3. Elistariel says:

    What’s the censor block for. I don’t get it. ><

  4. Fanboy Wife says:

    I hope their family holiday card has little Karolynn biting her dad.

  5. Helgar says:

    Obviously Karolynn meant well – look at the border of ‘x’s and ‘o’s around the note. Or maybe they are supposed to be open mouths and chomp marks….

  6. Eric says:

    Rule 34.

  7. yourface says:

    Clearly it is Barry Burton from Resident Evil and clearly his daughter has been turned into a flesh eating Zombie. “Happy Father’s day, Daddy…I’ll bite your face off…YAY!!!”

  8. I Stole Your Hat says:

    I used to bite My dad’s finger when I was, like, 3-9. Then I realized my teeth were starting to actually hurt him.

  9. eliet says:

    wow i dont bite my dad, but i bite my bro…. on the butt…..and i still do it :/
    well anyway… i wonder what the fathers gonna say when he sees this “daddy daddy look, i made dis for u!!!” “um…. wow sweety” dad thinkin-maby i shuldnt let her bite me any more…..

  10. Liz says:

    You know at least one famous Barry. Barack Obama used to go by the name Barry when he was in school. Let’s hope that Malia and Sasha don’t bite daddy! They are a bit old for that anyway!

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