Easier Said Than Done

Funny Kids Drawings - Easier Said Than Done

Submitted by: dunno source

I didn’t realize Bobby McFerrin had children. And they’re just saying that because they get a lollipop when they leave the doctor’s office instead of getting the bill. If I didn’t have to pay for health insurance, I wouldn’t be afraid either.

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3 Responses to Easier Said Than Done

  1. ca453 says:

    HOLY **** FIRST. My heart has just eggsploded. Speaking of eggs thats what those guys in the picture look like. But in soviet russia the egg looks like those guys.

  2. Joanne says:

    Bobby McFerrin actually has 3 children. 😛

  3. kenny says:

    Did anyone else notice the W is a Willy Wonka W???

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