Soi Soi Soi…Nom

Funny Kids Drawings - Soi Soi Soi...Nom

Submitted by: dunno source

It’s too bad that conceptual art doesn’t equal functional art. Because if it did, this would not only the preferred way to travel, it would be the most delicious.

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4 Responses to Soi Soi Soi…Nom

  1. MissTree says:

    as a food item this looks a little suspect, but i do admire the symmetrically spaced chopper blades. well done!
    and why do we care who’s “first” so much?
    i’d rather be the cleverest, but i’m not. but i’m first, so i guess being first ain’t so bad. 😉

  2. faeriemama says:


  3. KeewiFroot says:

    Ha! Any Zelda amateur would know this is a PeaHat! Must you know, they are original characters, and can only be harmed when they slow and stop. 100%, kid.

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