More Accurate Than Many Medieval Maps

Funny Kids Drawings - More Accurate Than Many Medieval Maps

Submitted by: dunno source

So wait, does this mean that Sarah Palin can’t actually see Russia from her house? Or that this kid’s map is off?
Either way, I feel like I’ve been lied to.

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65 Responses to More Accurate Than Many Medieval Maps

  1. Yes... says:

    This kid makes me proud to be a Sovit.

    • Explanations says:

      Soviets have won!

      Here’s the story

      Russia became the USSR again.
      Soviet took over all of europe. And Asia.
      Survivors of the conquer went up to north USSR and made a country called Asia
      China held back to a little bit up land.

      USA nuked india, middle east, and africa from orbit.

      London conquered the UK (I don’t know how)

      Alas single handely took australia and nuked new zealand from orbit.

    • beautefatale says:

      and an evil giant doggie from hell ate europe and only left the bones…..

  2. arxn6 says:

    LOL! Someone made me laugh…that’s rare these days.
    Loverly map, I might add. Glenn Beck drew it?
    But dammit, the truth is that you can see Russia from Alaska…
    But not from Palin’s behind. [from her ‘backdoor]
    Tanks for the goggles.

  3. Boris Yellin says:

    Silly liberal hippie. Go to western Alaska…look at the Kamchatka peninsula (Russia)…then stfu.

  4. Jake says:

    This is too light, I can’t see anything.

  5. Bob says:

    sooo what happened to europe and afrika

  6. RitaTheFox says:

    So germany doesnt exist?

    …and alot of other countries?

    …what the f**k is Lonon?

    • Confuzzled says:

      Chillax,It’s a map drawn by a kid after all.

    • kayls says:

      i think its meant to say london, which is actually a city, but a kid might not know that

    • yourface says:

      I actually think it says Lohan it’s a subterranean country located under England. It’s ruled by Lindsey Lohan with an iron fist. All must wear alcohol monitoring ankle bracelets in Lohan.

  7. R says:


    For very brief moments i thought it read “Alaska”

    • Chass says:

      I am going to refer to Australia as “ALasaLia” for the rest of my life.

    • snuzzled says:

      I don’t know where I’d rather live… AlasaLia or South Amaican. On the one hand, the home of Aslan. On the other, I love me some Jamaican accents.

  8. Fraddle says:

    Wait– Where’s Africa?
    Where are they having the World Cup?!

  9. lotsofdots says:

    at least he knows that Canada is not across the ocean….

  10. Jonny H says:

    She never said she could see Russia from her house; SNL did. She did say she can see Russia from the Coast of Alaska, which is actually true. See?

  11. Zach says:

    The world cup is boycoted by the sovit union

  12. Student Teacher says:

    Where is India?
    Why is Canada so big?
    Since when is South America NOT connected to Mexico???

    So, so many questions that will never be answered…:(

    • lotsofdots says:

      canada is larger than the US, we got less peeps up here and are less crowded

    • Lucia says:

      South America ISN’T connected to Mexico. It’s connected to Panama. And I’m nine years old, by the way.

    • WHC says:

      I think you mean “Why is Canada so small?” because in this map the US is larger than Canada, Canada is half the size of Russia.
      BTW I’m not hating on the kid’s drawing. I mean, chillax, the kid is like 4.
      Stupid Americans.
      BTW I’m not hating on all Americans, just the stupid stuck up ones that think the universe revolves around the USA.

    • fgfgfggfgfrrpeenoossuh says:


      well thank you for narrowing it down….


  13. Parabellum says:

    So this is what would’ve happened if the Soviet Union had taken over Europe: They didn’t want the UK and when they couldn’t get rid of the Italians, they sawed the country of?

  14. Prof. Dr. says:

    When she writes “South Amaican” doesn’t that tecnicly mean, that the U.S.A she means is “United States of Amaican”?

  15. fsdhgfhksgfhksd says:

    what’s lonon?

  16. ItsAGermanThing says:

    What happened to Europe? Is this the world after global warming?

    I better go buy a boat… 😦

  17. Lizrd says:

    OMG Belgium has dissapeared. Where am I going to live now?

    • I Stole Your Hat says:

      India would probably welcome you. If you’re okay with weird Islands, try Lonon.

  18. lucas05 says:

    south amaican totally looks like a “turned upside down” australia

  19. Sophie says:

    Why is the USA peeing on South America?

  20. Alyssa says:

    Is it just me, or is that blob in the general location of the UK labelled “Lotion?”

  21. BlackBeltPirate says:

    Guys, guys, chill…it’s a drawing by a kid. They’ll either learn that this map is wrong, or they’ll remain blissfully ignorant.

    Either way, at least they know that Canada is right about the USA, and a separate country. That’s better than a good number of people.

    • gia says:

      The problem isn’t that it a kid drew this map, the problem is the parents that for some reason taught this kid that Europe=”Sovit” Union in 2010. Unless this kid makes great efforts to avoid her/his upbringing, (s)he’s bound for ignorant, narrow-minded hillbilly land.

  22. BigWilly says:

    zOMFG Run U.S.A…Lonon and Italy tried to stop Sovit Union but he broke right through and demolished Africa and the middle east and madagascar those poor animals from the zoo 😥

  23. Matti says:

    This child has drawn maps to the lost continent of Alasalia! Quick, we must hire an exploring party to claim it’s many bounties.

  24. Joe says:

    Apparently, according to this kid, Africa doesn’t exist.

  25. Kaeli says:

    I don’t know what’s cuter– the map or the comments. I do believe the indignation is meant as a joke by at least most of you. Hard to tell on the internet, of course.

  26. tktk says:

    he forgot to draw the sea monster where africa/india/middle east is suppose to be….

  27. Diam says:

    “More Accurate Than Many Medieval Maps”

    Yeah, medieval maps never talk about Soviet Union and USA !! 🙂 🙂

  28. Alli says:

    How come there’s only half of Jap? Is it continued off the coast of U.S.A? Or is that supposed to be Hawaii?

  29. Pug says:

    “Alasalia” sounds like a name you’d hear in a Tolkien novel.

  30. WHC says:

    All I can say is…..

  31. Sven says:

    Haha does that say Jupiter on the right?

  32. Astra says:

    Alasalia is a pretty cool place to live. Pretty sure it’s a bit better than the Underwater Continents of Europe and Africa.

  33. Lee Benson says:

    Africa got the shaft. Get it?

  34. G. James says:

    Is this a map from South Carolina, like, such as?

  35. maria says:

    Wow its prophetic! In futur zovjet haz eaten europe. and africa got so skinni it dizapaired..

  36. Procasti says:

    Alasalia. That is fucking rich. xD

  37. Johann says:

    I see… Well I must only assume that my country (Germany) finally invented the ability to use rockets to lift a country and flew to Mars. I am sure we will see it (along with parts of Poland and France… Maybe Austria too) on this kids map of Mars.

  38. Nastyaaaa says:

    lol..Where’s Africa?

  39. littleredridingwolf says:

    As a proud citizen of Alasalia I say kneel before my mighty country before we do to you what we did to africa and europe, Mwuhahahahahahahaha!

  40. Maraike says:

    wow, i’ve always wanted to vistit Alasalia

  41. Maru says:

    I didn’t know “Alasalia” existed….I also didn’t know that Asia was demoted to a country instead of a continent. Intriguing.

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