I Came From Mars

Funny Kids Drawings - I Came From Mars

Submitted by: Tiffany via Submission Page

At least Justis is learning at an early age that women are from Mars and men are from Venus.
Or she’s just an alien. I think guys are into that.

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30 Responses to I Came From Mars

  1. BigGunn says:

    err… MEN are from Mars, WOMEN are from Venus

  2. snuzzled says:

    A boy named Justis? I think that’s what’s fail here 😦

    • Hope says:

      Who said it was a boy?

    • snuzzled says:

      It was a cruddy joke, but I can definitely see a child picking up on an adult repeating the silly “men are from mars” line and running with it.

    • Valociraptor says:

      That’s my brother’s name.

    • snuzzled says:

      Then your brother has a silly name, imo. If you want to start naming your children after values, why not go whole-hog back to the Puritanical colonial days and use traditional ones like Abstinence, Discipline, Verity or Temperance. You could call him Tempy! Then there was good ol’ Wrestling-With-The-Devil (yes really.) And at least spell the damned word properly. Who the heck is going to take Justis seriously at a job interview? Nobody, that’s who. I know you didn’t name your brother but cripes.

    • laurenhs says:

      its either he spelt the name “justin” wrong, or his name really is justis or “justice”

    • Tina says:

      I’m betting it’s Justin and just can’t spell. Or his writing really sucks.

    • HarHar says:

      I know a boy named Justice. Not sure how he spells it though. Either way my point is it is a name that has been used.

    • snuzzled says:

      Since unusual and often “you-nique” spellings of names are the trendy thing to do now, I’m betting it really is Justis. Not that people didn’t always like to name their children something that would stand out, but how many kids named Justis and Ryderr and Kayleei and Bryttaneigh did you see growing up (if you’re older than twenty)? I saw a lot of kids named Chris and Jeremy. Not Kris or Criss or Kriz or Chrys or Cryyzz. Chris.

    • ohmigizzles says:

      uhh my cousin’s name is justyce. i think YOU are the fail here

  3. Zoombug says:

    A kid named a phoenetic spelling of “Justice?” (Unless he’s a bad writer and was trying to make an “N”–Lord know it’s the last letter I learned to write as a kid)
    Also, does it say “I thought you came from Terry?”

  4. Jess says:

    Yep. I thought you came from Terry.

  5. airotciv says:

    well the sticker is a FAIL. it says SHARP instead of SHARK… this whole image is full of FAIL.

    • laurenhs says:

      maybe it means SHARP TEETH.

    • Melanie says:

      Neither one of you is right.
      sharp   [shahrp] -er, -est, verb, adverb, noun
      17. mentally acute: a sharp lad.

    • snuzzled says:

      This. It’s a pun on the fact that sharks have sharp teeth. Didn’t any of you get stickers like this as a kid? Like a star sticker that says “bright!” or an ice cream that says “cool!”

    • adsf says:

      It’s a motivational sticker, as in “You’re sharp!”

  6. Kaeli says:

    Maybe Terry is his friend across the street, and he’d recently gotten home from visiting?

  7. tailman says:

    sharp as in smart. also, how do you illustrate “where did you come from?”?

  8. mojojo says:

    It is entirely possible that there is a child named Justice spelled “Justis.” I know people want to be creative with their kids’ names, but PLEASE! Sadly many kids (and adults) can’t spell, and this will lead to nothing but the child have to correct every person s/he enounters. Be creative without being crazy.

  9. flutterby6 says:

    How the heck could this kid ILLUSTRATE where he came from?!!! I don’t think they teach THAT class in 1st grade!

  10. draco malfoy says:

    Silly Muggles..you can’t just GO to Mars..You need a rocketship!!

    • Rumbleroar says:

      I hope you get that rocket ship you been hoping for soon, Malfoy! I guess it is true that some of us don’t inherit enough money to buy out NASA when our parents die!

  11. Tim says:

    well THATS what i call epic win!

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