And Have Horrible Fashion Sense

Funny Kids Drawings - And Have Horrible Fashion Sense

Submitted by: dunno source

When your parents are mean AND they’re dorks, you’re doomed. And never mess with their Star Trek figurines. That’ll get you grounded forever.

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29 Responses to And Have Horrible Fashion Sense

  1. Aevangeline says:

    The description reminds me of my mom.

  2. Fake says:

    There is no way a small child has drawn that – that’s the work of an adult drawing like a child.

    Look at the shape of the eyes – kids don’t draw eyes like that. Also, the lines have been drawn far too cleanly and then coloured over.


    • marika says:

      I came to the same conclusion. you are right.

    • VHSwizard says:

      I learned stylized cartoon eyes when I was pretty young but the methodical color fill technique looks at least junior high school level.

    • christine says:

      yeah i think so too
      look at the coloring doesnt look childlike at all

    • Nina says:

      agreed, was about to say the exact same thing.
      as an artist, I have learned that it’s very hard for an adult to draw like a child does. unless you have parkinson disease, that is.

      so, this has indeed been drawn by an adult. Unless the kid was like, fifteen or something. but that would mean the kid has a horrible handwriting.

  3. Julia says:

    Clearly not a child’s drawing. Kid’s don’t draw like that or write like that.

  4. Bruised Almighty says:

    Signed by a young Jimmy (Kirk?) Good first impression, Saurak

    • Trekkette says:

      It’s Sarek. And I hate myself for writing this.

      It does look odd. The art’s too good for the crappy writing.

  5. Rosie says:

    The lamest part about that is that some fandom mom is so desperate for people to think her kids are into her show that she’d draw this and submit it, pretending it was her by kid… just… Wow.

  6. Anonyminous says:

    Guys, I think it’s an attempt at HUMOR, perhaps?

  7. ... says:

    Uh… what? Whether or not this particular drawing is a child or adult’s drawing (we can’t possibly know for sure), kids can write and draw as good as that if they have the knack. I’ve seen it first hand.

  8. Brian says:

    Romulans are Mean.They kill Humans!

  9. Pixy says:

    I think it’s a kid, my 10 year old was drawing/writing at about that level last year, so I would put it at an 8-10 year old.

    • Rosie says:

      If your 8-10 year old writes like a five year old, then I’d look into that.

    • Pixy says:

      If your 5 year old has handwriting this nice, congrats to them! Most 5 year olds are just learning to write. Yes, my son does have sloppy handwriting, but to imply that something is “wrong” because of it? Are you an adult? Because that is just pathetic!

    • Nina says:

      he is right though. Both my sisters wrote better than that at the age of six.

  10. nugget says:

    No way a kid drew this. Hell, i’m an adult and i still can’t draw this well.

  11. FAKE says:

    there is no way a child can draw such clear shapes and uniform lines.. this is fake

  12. trekkie47 says:


  13. trekkie47 says:

    Also, they got the hair wrong. That looks like a Romulan hairdo.

  14. JennPenn says:

    If you immediately dismiss this as a fake you have very little faith in children. My 5th Grade Teacher used to MAKE us all color in the same direction and very carefully whenever we had a project. Children are very capable of this level of artistry regardless of the supposed “handwriting of a 5 year old”

  15. ipoddrew says:

    LOL he needs a makeover

  16. Roh says:

    I used to draw this well, and was perfectly capable of coloring that methodically when I was a kid. My handwriting wasn’t the best at that time because I liked drawing better than writing. It does have a certain practiced look to it that would indicate an older artist, but when you are ten or twelve and have been drawing since you were two or three, that can happen. Whoever it is has a pretty good future as a cartoonist. Or maybe anime.

    And I can tell the kid (or adult) was watching early episodes of Enterprise. Vulcans ARE mean!

    (Art analysis inspired by Grand Admiral Thrawn)

  17. hahaha101lol says:

    it’s SYBOCK as a kid! ( sybock is spock’s older half – brother! )

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