Oh Ho Ho, What A Wit

Funny Kids Drawings - Oh Ho Ho, What A Wit

Submitted by: dunno source

Curiosity’s the one wearing the hat. She’s always breaking rules, not listening, and killing cats, that girl.

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11 Responses to Oh Ho Ho, What A Wit

  1. Zero91 says:

    NO Schrodinger killed the cat ….. maybe.

  2. Quackoid says:

    How strange. I thought that crazy guy from the Garfield cartoon killed the cat.

  3. MissTree says:

    Kid Rock. second from the right.

  4. Sasori says:

    I would like to know why the cat is clearly sitting right there in the court. It’s obviously not dead.

  5. snuzzled says:

    You just know this one was done by an actual child as the cat, while sad, still appears very much alive. Since children don’t really have as firm a grasp on the concept of death as adults, it’s very likely a child might draw a “dead cat” as just a very very sad cat.

  6. JB says:

    Tee hee, that’s funny, little kid. 😛

  7. Tofu~Misstress says:

    I love how they’re all wearing top hats.

  8. Shex says:

    …My goodness! That man’s eyebrow are humongous!

  9. QuackJak says:

    I’m pretty sure Curiosity is the one WITHOUT a hat, which brings up all sort of social conditioning questions…

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