I’m Worried About Emily’s Dog’s Health

Funny Kids Drawings - Im Worried About Emilys Dogs Health

Submitted by: dunno source via Submission Page

If your child wants a puppy, but you do not, just buy them a fuzzy pillow and insist it’s a dog. Kid’s can’t argue; you’re the adult here. Besides, what do they know anyway?

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14 Responses to I’m Worried About Emily’s Dog’s Health

  1. Labluvver says:

    I think the drawing is of a puppy laying with his legs folded under his body and he has a fuzzy tail, view from above.
    You know this is the hover dog type; his nose is sniffeling the floor and picks up all the cookie crumbs and foodie stuff. All the dirt will be shoveled away by his bushy tail!

  2. Bruised Almighty says:

    Emily’s dog has a blank expression

  3. momo-kun says:

    no its obv a zoom up of the noze

  4. Majorman says:

    Oh, no, this looks like a tombstone. I hope Emily’s dog is still alive…

    • yosuppeeps says:

      too late the deed is done no turning back now… so im just gonna stand here practicing my whistling…

  5. W3R3W00F says:

    Emily’s dog is a special needs dog.

  6. Ebbo says:

    My first thought was the dogs mouth is open. They grey part is the inside of its mouth. Its barking or yawning or something.

  7. phase says:

    Actually that dog looks nice – but those stupid ringwraiths are always getting in the way.

  8. T says:

    i thought it was a tribble.

  9. orovin says:

    look demonic to me

  10. ballofdom says:

    wher is its face ?

  11. Bob1998 says:

    Believe me, kids know a lot more than you think……

  12. fgfgfggfgfrrpeenoossuh says:

    oh i can see it!

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