Funny Kids Drawings - Cheesus!

Submitted by: Michael L via Submission Page

Cheese and crackers! Food as religion? People do love their cheese, I know I do…

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26 Responses to Cheesus!

  1. violet says:

    As a former school teacher, I find it hard to believe that this was drawn by anyone below the high school level.

  2. holychao says:

    look, it’s even holey cheese … *snort* ….

  3. toaster621 says:

    This sort of reminds me of a scene in the first book of the somewhat good hitchhikers guide continuation “and another thing…” in which half of the remaining humans form a cult that worships cheese.

  4. free says:

    this doen’t look like a kid rew this :/

  5. hannah says:

    you know I’m getting tired of these pictures that aren’t even drawn by kids. i don’t care if i should just be paying attention to its “funny-ness”, this site is made for pictures drawn by toddlers, not high-schoolers!!

  6. Kees says:

    Realising I might be a bit late with this here, but… I suggest submitting this to 😉

  7. spoons says:

    he is the son of the flying spaghetti monster

    • Eliott says:

      Good idea fellow pastafarian, but shredding his son on top of him would not be nice 😛

  8. fea884 says:

    I’m seeing some spongebob in this also..scary!

  9. FrightRat says:

    It’s funny… But i doubt it was drawn by a kid. 😦

  10. kittenpile says:

    If this is in, does this mean I can submit my middle-school drawing of Sonic the Hedge?

  11. littredridingwolf says:

    The sad thing is I am pretty sure I know who drew this, he was in 9th grade at the time and got a week of detention for blasphemy (christian schools WTF???)

  12. Lizrd says:

    there are people who can draw like this at a very young age. Believe me,I knew a few.

    • violet says:

      Yeah, but little children don’t create abstractions like this until they are quite a bit older. Its not about drawing skill, its about conceptualization.

  13. 5illy says:

    Ok. The cheese has a halo and spongebob legs? It’s Spongebob Cheesus!

  14. Phil says:

    Cheesus christ, that’s weird!

  15. onyxmaymay says:


  16. onyxmaymay says:

    the new high scooler show!!!!!

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