Second This Motion

Funny Kids Drawings - Second This Motion

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If you’re not Irish or a big fan of presidents, then Ginny’s got a point. If God can move mountains, this shouldn’t be a problem. But why do I feel like presents are the cause of this?

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16 Responses to Second This Motion

  1. Ginny says:

    My name is also Ginny 8D

  2. Bat-Snake says:

    Hm. I would reverse Easter and Christmas, because the space between Christmas and Easter is too short.
    Did that make sense?

  3. Some Guy says:

    We need another holiday between Easter and July 4. We already have Memorial Day, but we need another.

    In Europe, they have “Banker’s Holiday” about every month. They also have a religious holiday about every month as well. I assume that’s because European religious traditions have been around just a bit longer than the US (LOL).

    • Kat says:

      The remark about the ‘banker’s holiday’ is a bit exaggerated. Bank holidays are observed in the UK, perhaps in Ireland but certainly not in all European countries. In our country (Netherlands)we used to say that the best place to be is living as a Jew in Bali, Indonesia.
      Indonesia observes Christian and Muslim holidays, Bali is predominantly Hindu and Jews have their own holidays as well…

    • Lizrd says:

      Yeah, all those religious holidays are the best thing of living in Belgium. In May he have such a holiday like every week.

  4. Mushroom_king says:

    What about Halloween? Or is that too close to Christmas?

  5. heidrance says:

    It never bothered me — my birthday’s in May!

  6. Mary says:

    Yet another one scanned out of “Children’s Letters to God”
    Kinda cheating don’t cha think?

  7. mojojo says:

    So Ginny’s not a fan of Valentine’s Day?

  8. stu says:

    thanksgiving, halloween, hannukah, kwanzaa, my birthday, valentines day, national chocolate pudding day all of those are between christmas and easter

  9. catalicious says:

    These saying and “letters” are totally stolen from the book “Children’s Letters to God.”

  10. evelyn says:

    that was taking from family circus comic…

  11. Chimmy says:

    I have the book this is from…o.o

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