Pretty Harsh Criticism Of That Flower

Funny Kids Drawings - Pretty Harsh Criticism Of That Flower

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Sure, that flower on the left is no good, but the one on the right is the one wearing a bandana. Kylie should look into that, I hear it’s a sign of gang activity. Who’s the bad flower now?

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12 Responses to Pretty Harsh Criticism Of That Flower

  1. hfg says:

    I don’t get it and FIRST

  2. pfft. says:

    Guys, i don’t think that’s a flower on the right, it’s likely a cigarette. Te teacher, I bet, told them to write down reasons to say no to drugs or something or you’ll pollute the earth.

  3. tommmmm says:

    sooo why is that penis wearing a santa hat?

  4. Donnie says:

    It actually says, “No Pollution”.

    The kid that drew it is saying that the flower is good, while the…smokestack?…is bad.

  5. Chloe says:

    Wow, so it says “No Pollution” then the fower is “Good” and the smokestack thing is “bad”.
    Not that the flower is no good&the pollution bad.

  6. Kate says:

    Guys, the flower on the lift is alive (because the air is clean), while the flower on the left is dead (due to pollution).
    It’s not a penis or a cigarette or a smokestack. Just a dead flower.
    Although it does appear to be somewhat phallic…

  7. Tori says:

    The title is “No Pollution”. On the left side, under good, is a healthy flower that hasn’t been affected by pollution. On the right side, under bad, is a flower that died because of pollution.

  8. Christin says:

    The flower on the right side is dead, obviously its bleeding.

  9. Briana says:

    Okay was wondering…

    I knew “Cucumber in an nightcap” could not be right!

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