That’s What They All Say

Funny Kids Drawings - Thats What They All Say

Submitted by: dunno source via Submission Page

There’s a lot of learning that needs to happen here: not to steal, how to spell, not to listen to your sister…
At least she’s recognizing it.

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13 Responses to That’s What They All Say

  1. Comfy Cushion says:

    Little one not quite clear on the concept of “Free Market”..?

  2. Ryuudoshi says:

    looks like “pea4 catbird people.”
    Where do you find “catbird people”?!? well she has manners.

  3. snuzzled says:

    I’m guessing that “catbird” must be a kid-ism for some kind of store or something but damned if I can figure out what.

  4. Margos says:

    Maybe she took the locket from a catbird’s nest? Some birds collect shiny things…..

  5. Cassandra says:

    I just Googled it. Catbird is a real jewellery store in New York.

  6. Bruised Almighty says:

    Maybe she jacked something from “Petsmart”?

  7. Martine says:

    just looked up catbird on yahoo and first result was a jewelry shop in NYC – tada!!

  8. Rain says:

    Very cute, and a good lesson learned…

  9. TCinNC says:

    Suuuuuuurrrre she didn’t know they cost anything…

  10. arsenicsauce says:

    all charges dropped

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