Crayons Do Not Have Spell-Check

Funny Kids Drawings - Crayons Do Not Have Spell-Check

Submitted by: Miss Goosles via Submission Page

Sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing…
Wait, what did you say? Yeah! That’s what I meant to say.
…so what?

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10 Responses to Crayons Do Not Have Spell-Check

  1. Teri says:

    What gets me is the fact that the first four letters are written in a different color.

  2. R says:

    What was it supposed to read?

  3. that1chick says:

    I know some women who are cuntry. With a capital C.

  4. Maudlin Hart says:

    Hamlet: Lady, shall I lie in your lap?
    Ophelia: No, my lord.
    Hamlet: I mean, my head upon your lap?
    Ophelia: Ay, my lord.
    Hamlet: Do you think I meant country matters?

  5. blahgirl says:

    it looks fake, the pics seem to straight and the lettering seems too neat for anyone that young…? Anyone else agree?

  6. blahgirl says:

    *opps, tired
    Mean the stick figures seem drawn quite neatly, ditto the lettering

    • bob says:

      Yeah, that’s what I was thinking, with the neat drawings and the first four letters written in a different color to put emphasis on them, it makes me think that an adult did this, not a ‘tot’.

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