A Different Kind of Fail Whale

Funny Kids Drawings - A Different Kind of Fail Whale

Submitter says: One of my 4-year-old students has an interesting way of drawing whales…

Submitted by: camel_cracker via Submission Page

Whales come in all different shapes and sizes. So do humans. I’m not judging, just saying: whales are huge.

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19 Responses to A Different Kind of Fail Whale

  1. Kinseth says:

    Hate to break it to ya, but those say shark, fish, jellyfish, octopus and a turtle.

    No whales at all.

  2. Nuggets says:

    Soo.. You work with 4-year-olds, and the first thing you think of..
    Sounds awkward to me

  3. Valkyrie is Darquesse!? says:

    Umm, it’s a shark… Tiburon…

  4. Wololo says:

    There’s no whale, actually, the text next to the big brown thingie (un tiburón) means “A shark” 😛

  5. lucas05 says:

    you’re talking about the “whale” that looks like a penis, right? or the big one in the middle?

  6. anonymous says:

    … the spanish word for whale is ballena, do you see that word there? No. Tiburone is shark, pez is fish, peces is multiple fish.

  7. Hane says:

    Actually, the “peces” (fish) look a lot like penes.

  8. uni says:


  9. Elena says:

    those are not penises… peni?.. sperm whales maybe?

  10. Malissa says:

    thats a shark not whale

  11. mojojo says:

    I’ve got news for all of you…I’ve not seen ANY of that at the Dallas Aquarium. At least not like the kid drew. 😛 What ARE we supposed to be looking at anyways? The purple one that looks like a penis? I’m really quite sure I would have noticed one of those floating around. And what class is this that the teacher didn’t know the right word for “whale?” And is the phrase realllllly “el jellyfish?” That’s not a 4-year-old’s writing. So adult FAIL. But hey, if that kid’s in Dallas ISD, it explains EVERYTHING.

    • Bat-Snake says:

      May my old AVID teacher (who transferred to a DISD high school) have mercy on that child’s soul if he’s still there when/if that kid gets to high school.

      And I just noticed that they’re all SMILING O_O

    • Jake says:

      Wow… Apparently your AVID teacher isn’t much for WICR (Creative Writing, Off the wall Inquiry, Just… No Collaboration and “F**k it” Reading.) This kid might just be screwed.

    • nadinucca says:

      Yeah, wtf? Swapping “tiburón” for “ballena” is bad enough but “el jellyfish”? It’s like they just stopped caring.

      btw, “jellyfish” is “medusa” in Spanish, and it’s feminine: “la/ una medusa”.

  12. Bat-Snake says:

    I wonder which one’s a Sperm whale…

  13. steamcommunity says:

    Ok 2 things I want to know about this… Picture…..

    1. Why is there ballsacks everywhere on the picture?

  14. LOL, el pezpolla existe!!! D:

  15. austin says:


  16. booze says:

    they must be sperm whales

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