Bikini Bottom Is In Arizona?

Funny Kids Drawings - Bikini Bottom Is In Arizona?

Submitted by: dunno source

Um, Sponge Bob? I appreciate the effort, but Arizona is really hot and really dry. Nobody wants you to dry out, buddy, buy thanks for the help.

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8 Responses to Bikini Bottom Is In Arizona?

  1. The Guy says:

    totally traced.

  2. mrpants98 says:

    …Is that a whip? Is Spongebob that serious about littering in Arizona?

  3. TB Tabby says:

    It’s better than being in the gulf.

  4. Teri says:

    Does anyone else find it a tad bit disturbing that Mr. Crabs lives in Bikini Bottom?

  5. Bob1998 says:

    Yeah, I always thought Arizona was hot and dry…seems I was wrong…XD

  6. ginseng says:

    I’m guessing somebody lives in Arizona and likes SpongeBob…

  7. laurenhs says:

    did anyone read the description? cos i did and I DO want him to dry out. then my mortal enemy shall finally be defeated >:)

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