Should Have Chaperoned This One

Funny Kids Drawings - Should Have Chaperoned This One

Submitted by: June via Submission Page

Where exactly WAS this fieldtrip? I mean, either way, he learned something valuable…

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14 Responses to Should Have Chaperoned This One

  1. Enix says:

    French men!!!

  2. Lucia (the fastest commenter in the world) says:


    • :( says:

      Nobody commented on the fail in either this person’s comment or name? Really?
      You’ve let me down, internet.

    • Tayletts says:

      But the internet didn’t fail. It just didn’t see it necessary to point out such obvious stupidity. ^-^

  3. Kenny777 says:

    lol seeing the indian shoot the girl?? i wanna go to Ernie Miller Park now….

  4. Oh dear God. This park is 20 minutes away.

    :: shakes head ::

    I should move far, far away. If not for the French men and shooting Indians, definitely for the fact that children are raised like this.

  5. Dominic says:

    And who says kids don’t learn anything anymore!

  6. Ben says:

    Holy crap i live right by this and i went there for summer camp like 4 times

  7. Bat-Snake says:

    That kid should get the whole story of “French men loved beaver” straight. They were very nice for jackets. That’s why French men loved them =P . ‘Course, it was extremely hard to get, as many trapper bones say.

  8. Domino says:

    What’s the writing in pen say? “Scary”?

    I’m so confused by the whole thing.

  9. Kara says:

    French Men DO love Bieber.

  10. Tayletts says:

    Hmm…SO, why is sex a tag in this picture…? Does it have something to do with this french-beaver affair?

  11. Haley says:

    Obviously in Canada. Doesn’t everyone have a field trip like this here?!

  12. JW says:

    French men an indian, and beavers oh my! And here I thought Olathe KS was boring.

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