Inspires Faith in the Next Generation

Funny Kids Drawings - Inspires Faith in the Next Generation

While other kids would probably draw groceries, puppies, clothes, etc… my kids draw The Ghostbusters store.

Submitted by: NerdRage42 via Submission Page

And here I was, worried about what would happen when we’re too old to take care of ourselves. If there’s one child out there that can appreciate 80’s popular cinema, then we’ll be just fine.

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4 Responses to Inspires Faith in the Next Generation

  1. Tazmen says:

    My brother is 5 years old and for the past three years or so he has been obsessed with ghost busters. he has the movies, watches the cartoon, and plays the video game. he even sings the theme song. and he “kills” stay puffed the marshmallow man. lol. he is funny.

  2. XD says:

    AVGN reference.

  3. alex says:

    lol…there are boobs or books in the regal ?

  4. ShinyHappyPurple says:

    This brings back the memory of going to see Ghostbusters at the cinema and I was wearing my glow-in-the-dark Ghostbusters t-shirt.
    Ahhh I miss those old days 😦

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