Best Ambitions Ever

Funny Kids Drawings - Best Ambitions Ever, Take One

Submitted by: dunno source via Submission Page

Funny Kids Drawings - Best Ambitions Ever, Take Two

Submitted by: dunno source via Submission Page

Did she grade herself? That writing, while in red, looks suspicious. I hope it’s her and not her teacher, otherwise we’re all doomed.

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32 Responses to Best Ambitions Ever

  1. George Johnson says:

    Of course all the kids would be mad, they don’t have six legged puppies.

    The sad part of it is, this will probably come to pass, marrying guys for their money.

  2. Boris Yellin says:

    It’s really sad that someone at that age already has a taste for wrinkled old man cock.

  3. a says:

    nope it will not, this done from the beggining of time, the female always looking for the A-male

  4. brit says:

    This is obviously fake. The handwriting is too neat for a child to have that many spelling errors. I work with kindergarteners and 1st graders. The misspellings are so obviously conveniently placed so it looks like a child wrote it, and no child draws like that. It was just an adult who wanted to make it on this site.

    • Exo says:

      “… no child draws like that.”

      My friend’s two little sisters draw a lot like that. c:

    • anony mouse says:

      You know, I happen to have almost impeccable spelling skills, yet my handwriting is like that of a fourth grader. I’m a freshman. not everyone who has terrible handwriting is bad at spelling, and vice versa. Handwriting is simply determined by the strength and control of your wrist, while spelling is a “brain thing”.

    • anony mouse says:

      also, the deep and unsteady lines suggest that the writer isn’t so familiar with the writing process.

    • Wut says:

      Some of the lines are unsteady, but most of them are perfectly smooth. Overall a pretty bad fake from a handwriting perspective.

    • Angie Welker says:

      it is still very funny!!!

    • Rachel says:

      Fully agreed. Fake.

    • mari says:

      i absolutely agree with you. no way a kid wrote this.

  5. Erin says:

    I agree with Brit, it’s fake. I teach 3rd grade. It’s so easy for teachers to tell real from fake on this site.

  6. Karma says:

    This is a terrifying peek into what my mother in law was like as a child *shudder* And obviously? No she never grew out of that phase.

  7. kathy says:

    Agree. Fake.

  8. Redneck_Rebel says:

    So wait…the little girl writes effectively that she wants to be a gold-digging whore when she grows up and the teacher writes “Good Job”?!

    This must be from California.

  9. Sarah says:

    Yeah. “brithday” seems like a typo you’d make with a keyboard, instead of with a pencil.

  10. Joey says:

    This is obviously fake – it was made by a group called Smosh. They posted those images here:

    If you look at their other articles, you can see that they’re all hard to believe. (Some are funny, though. :D)

  11. hanako says:

    if it were real, why would a teacher find it acceptable to give them a good score? It is funny though! but… why does the dog have 6 legs?

  12. CrazedKitty323 says:

    Thousand of dollars just for a puppy, a bratz doll and candy.
    This is why little kids don’t need money.

  13. Nick says:

    The dog has seven legs.

  14. rawr says:

    Must be fake. A teacher would correct spelling mistakes. At least they do here in Germany.

  15. TCinNC says:


  16. billybobobobob says:

    FAKE, yet funney. very worrying if the kid was for real

  17. billybobobobob says:

    ON smosh, i think that they said it was for real. i is cofused nowe. 😦

  18. DogVomit says:


  19. Kay says:

    I call fake, too. No kid today knows who Wishbone is. They stopped making good kids’ shows a long time ago.

  20. Yulia says:

    If you look carefully, you’ll see that the “d” in Good and the “b” in Job are in the same style as the rest of the “handwriting.” Also, I doubt that little kids are thinking about the death of elderly men for the sake of their money – it’s mostly conniving thinking of lazy women.

  21. Maria says:

    This little girl has the right idea… Just because she chooses the path of getting married to an older man that does not make her a gold digger, maybe she really loves older men… Get over it…

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