Cheaters Gonna Cheat

Funny Kids Drawings - Cheaters Gonna Cheat

Submitted by: SirNottaguy-Imadad via Submission Page

This child must have been born in the twenties. Either that, or he’s tight with his grandpa’s crew. Who says “gal” anymore?

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20 Responses to Cheaters Gonna Cheat

  1. Eric says:

    Ah, sexist children. Soon those gals will be cutting the crust off their own damn sandwiches.

  2. JB says:

    I thought the teacher’s response was kinda rude!

    “In MATH, geez, IDIOT, how many times do I have to TELL you…” is what got from it. Any1 else?

    • TCinNC says:

      Yeah, Me too…I liked his answer. She could have at least put a smiley face…gee. Things like this put a kid off math for good (I should know!)

  3. Yeah, the boy’s tight with his grampa. I should know, because I’m him. He’s got my sense of humor, which got him in trouble with his teacher more than once.

  4. Kate says:

    Is this child’s name “Dave 15”?

    • Ellie says:

      Nah, there’s just a lot of Daves in his class

    • goldie says:

      In elementary school, we all had numbers(as many as their were students in that class) and had to write them next to our name. I’m assuming that this is the same sort of thing.

    • Marvelous Mira says:

      That is strange, but maybe it’s his number? In my elementary schools, I often had a class number according to last name.

      Also, teacher fail for not even writing out gallon, although that might have been the correct answer. Anyway, I always hated weird questions like these on tests.

    • No, his name is Dave and he sits at desk #15. All the kids in his class are required to put their desk number on their papers.

    • K-t says:

      maybe it’s Davis and he spelt it wrong? I did that as a kid.

  5. Rae says:

    lol. In second grade I was number 15!!!!

  6. lisette says:

    im going to 8th grade in augest
    in 7th grade we had those worksheets
    WTF i facepalm every time at Arizonas public schools

    • FlonkertonChamp says:

      you should facepalm at the fact that you’re an 8th grader who doesn’t know how to spell “august”

  7. someone says:

    My friend always says gal : ) … but what does it mean in maths?

  8. arsenicsauce says:

    OHHH gal as in gallon, jeez i wouldn’t know unless it had a period at the end…

    also, what a random “math” test… Ugh, that’s like when they tried to teach you about history in math class: “M.C. Escher was a blah blah blah…”

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