Why DON’T Tigers Eat Pizza?

Funny Kids Drawings - Why DONT Tigers Eat Pizza?

Submitted by: Elyse R. via Submission Page

It’s a good question, but I think it’s because they just haven’t tried the new Domino’s pizza. Have you? Much better.

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14 Responses to Why DON’T Tigers Eat Pizza?

  1. lucas05 says:

    he likes to play what? i can’t understand what it says…
    parpel, munople, bill citin, hahahahahahhahahhaha, rofl, immd

  2. Patrick says:

    Tigers don’t eat pizza because none of the pizza chains offer a tuna pizza.

    As for the new Domino’s, I haven’t noticed the difference. The only thing I don’t like is the garlic butter and seasoning they put on the crusts. Of course, you can tell them to leave it off, so it’s still good.

  3. qatie says:

    Duh! Tigers don’t eat pizza because no-one in their right mind would do delivery to tigers.

  4. TCinNC says:

    I like how he wrote that “Jac” was his best friend but then he wrote “Krystall” small… obviously at that age where girls are supposed to be the enemy, but he couldn’t resist. 🙂

    • ZoeHasMindJuice says:

      I think he or she (it isn’t specified) was spelling Jaclyn…. which is also a girls name.

  5. TCinNC says:

    OHHh that’s JacQuelin! But Krystall obviously is the 2nd-best, fallback friend. Now it makes sense. Back to reading comprehension…

  6. Howard says:

    I have a cat that likes pizza so I’m surprised tigers don’t eat pizza. Maybe tigers are lactose intolerant.

  7. Greg says:

    It’s obviously a girl… no self respecting boy likes playing hop scotch and is undecided between his favorite colors being pink or parpel (or parple)

  8. Erin says:

    I like how the kid corrected “1994” to “1995”

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