He Also Comes With Connect The Liver Spots!

Funny Kids Drawings - He Also Comes With Connect The Liver Spots!

Submitted by: dunno source

Scribble scrabble scares me, it looks like blood.
And Gramps? Might be time to get a haircut.

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6 Responses to He Also Comes With Connect The Liver Spots!

  1. FailTownBurger says:

    Thats great! you got a grandpa and a bord game!

  2. Spookymomma says:

    Obviously an adults handwriting, not particularly funny knowing it’s faked.

  3. coolios says:

    To anyone that says a kid didn’t write this: that’s true. But that doesn’t mean this was an adult trying to get on the site. This kid couldn’t write yet, so they asked a parent to caption the picture that they obviously drew.
    So if you don’t like seeing drawings that you think weren’t made by a kid, don’t come to this site. It’s simple as that.

    • Ess says:

      If you come to a site called “Tots and Crafts” which purports to be a site to display children’s artwork, don’t you dare expect to come here and see drawings made by kids!

      That’s some real smart logic ya got there.

    • coolios says:

      What i mean is that if you’re going to think every single picture is the work of an adult, why even bother to come here every day thinking, ‘today i’m sure there’s going to be one i won’t think is drawn by an adult! Since there’s never been one before, they’ll definitely be one today!’

  4. Madotsuki says:

    Heh- the grandfather almost looks like Seccom Masada-sensei, from the game “Yume Nikki”.

    Without the Amblyopia, of course.

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